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Memorial Wall Plaque Application

Honoring the memory of those you love
לזכר עולם
From the beginnings of our shul, when we dreamed of someday having a "Home of Our Own," we planned to set aside a space where the names of those whom we cherished would be visible to us whenever we came to pray.  Thus, our architects integrated a permanent memorial into the design of our building.  In the vestibule leading to the sanctuary, they devised a wall that honors these names and at the same time allows us to see the living congregation inside.

As we transition from our busy lives to prepare to enter the world of prayer, we will be reminded of all those we hold dear.  

We invite you to add the names of those whose memory you wish to honor.  The people whose names are on the Memorial Wall will have their yahrzeits honored at Congregation Netivot Shalom in perpetuity, and those names will be listed in the Memorial Wall section of our annual Yizkor Book.  The congregation will also maintain a memorial book including donors' names, their relationship to the deceased, and the date of purchase.

To complete the Memorial Wall designed by David Finn and Blair Prentice, Blair has detailed handcrafted individual plaques of natural green slate that are laser-engraved with the name and Hebrew date.  The engraving is filled, so the name appears in clean cream-colored lettering.  The Memorial Wall is composed of rows of wood-framed compartments, holding four individual plaques each, alternating with bands of glass.  The plaques are mounted so that they appear to "float" within the compartments.

Every year in commemoration, a marker will, signify the annual yahrzeit date for each name.

Purchasing and Reserving Plaques and Spaces

You may purchase individual name plaques at any time for each person whose memory you wish to honor.  Single plaques are $360 each, including engraving.

You may purchase a plaque to be reserved for engraving later as needed.  Reserved plaques are $360 each, including future engraving costs.

You may purchase a unit that holds four individual plaques.  You can have the plaques engraved at any time.  Each unit is $1,440 including engraving costs.

If you wish to request a location within the Memorial Wall, a chart is available at the shul office.

Memorial Plaque Name(s) Listing

Please fill out for each name to be engraved:
  • Name (in English)
  • Yahrzeit Date (Hebrew date, or the secular date including the year which we will translate into the Hebrew date of death)
Memorial Wall Application
Allow 6-8 weeks for engraving and mounting your memorial plaque(s) to the Memorial Wall.

Questions?  Please email or call Ken Schnur, Executive Director, Congregation Netivot Shalom, (510) 549-9447 x105,
Sun, May 26 2024 18 Iyyar 5784